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“Ooh I’m dizzy” I said upon standing, and immediately sat back down.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow “Are you dehydrated?”

“Umm…no…I don’t think so…”

“Have you been drinking your water?”

“I drank some…I think…awhile ago”

“So ‘no’ then”?

“Yeah, pretty much”

“Ok drink a glass now.  I want it gone in 5 minutes, then go upstairs and get undressed.  Get on the bed with your ass in the air and wait for me.”

I went to get my water and began drinking.  I knew my lack of hydration bothered him, but I hadn’t really considered it to be something he would spank for since it doesn’t impact him.

I think those are the hardest rules for me to understand –  the ones for my benefit.  I want to tell him it is my body and it shouldn’t matter to him if I am dehydrated – but at the same time I do feel loved and protected that he cares enough about me to insist that I take care of myself.

I went upstairs and got in position and waited – feeling exposed and embarrassed – but also protected and cared for.  I heard him enter the room and find the paddle.

I felt the first whack of the paddle come down on my ass.  It is at this moment I wonder what I have gotten myself into.  I asked for this?

“This is for not drinking your water.  I have told you repeatedly to keep hydrated and you disobeyed me.” Over and over the paddle hit my bare flesh – frequently in the same spot. (Geez that man can aim) The pain was intense and I squirmed to have some relief.  I felt the paddle touch the small of my back.

“Don’t squirm” he said.  “Now are you going to drink your water?”

“Yes”, I said nearly in tears.

“Good.  Now this,” He said as he smacked me with the paddle even harder, “Is for being dishonest with me.  When I ask you a question, I expect you to be up front.  I shouldn’t have to drag the answer out of you”

The paddle continued to crack down on my bare bottom until I was in tears, begging him to stop.  I promised I would never try to get out of a punishment again.

When he was done he brought me to him and had me take care of his desire.  I thanked him for caring enough about us to do this for us.

Feeling his power over me helps me to relax and submit to him.  I need his strength and his concern.  It makes me feel like his wife and I am so thankful for him.