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I awoke feeling dark, sad and alone.  I pressed my body into his and waited for him to awaken.  I was trembling inside when he finally opened his eyes.

He asked me what was wrong, told me to talk to him.  I spoke of fear, sadness, abandonment.  I wanted reassurances.  I needed to know he would never leave. I told him that when I had to work, it made me feel as though he was sending me away – and that I hated being away from him.

I told him I was feeling far away, that I was unable to connect to him.  That I was feeling like a burden; that I was poisonous, unlovable.  I burst into tears.  He held me for a moment while I cried.  Then he got up and rolled me on to my stomach, leaving his hand on my lower back communicating “stay”.  He grabbed the large paddle from the side of the bed.  I felt it crack down across my bare ass.  I cried out but he told me to be quiet, and not to move.  As he continued to spank me he said

You are out of control and it is my job to get you under control.   I am not sending you away when you work, you are serving me. You are mine, this is my brand…if I have to mark your ass every day so be it.  You are my property.  I will never let you go.  I will consume you before I ever let you go.

He rolled me onto my side, kissing me and grabbing my tits hard.  I told him that was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me.

Besides, I would be crazy to give this up.  I love your body, I love how you feel.  I love the things you do to me. This – all of this – is beautiful.

He grabbed the back of my head by my hair and pushed my mouth down on his cock.  As I pleasured him I felt at peace, owned, loved.  I never wanted this morning to end.