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It is always at that point when I let my guard down, when I think he won’t notice or care, that I push too far and find myself at the wrong end of the paddle.

I came home this morning rather depressed, planning to take a sleeping pill and sleep the day away.  He woke up as I was completing my morning chores.  I got him his tea,water and medicine.  He went immediately to work on some financial stuff which frustrated me more.  I kept thinking that I would only be up for a few minutes, and couldn’t he at least acknowledge my existence? I made him his breakfast and sat down with him while he ate and I let my pill kick in.  I didn’t say much but I can imagine I wasn’t the most pleasant of company.  I was tired and just sick of waiting for him to notice me.

I began to get sleepy and headed off to bed (I am actually supposed to ask to go to bed but since I asked to take my pill – I assumed this was a given).  As I was walking up the stairs to sleep he asked me when I would be getting up.  I told him “by 8pm” in a snotty ‘I am going to do what I want’ kind of voice (It was 9am at this point).  He asked me if I didn’t think that it was a little long to be sleeping.  I said no, that I was depressed and didn’t feel like being awake any longer.  He said I could talk to him if I wanted.

When, oh when, will I learn that talking to him when I am in a crappy mood will only end with my having a sore bottom and a mouth full of cock?

I sat down on the floor next to him and basically told him that my depression was his fault for being distant and that he shouldn’t expect me to act happy if I was miserable – and that he was making me miserable.  (ugggg – stupid mouth of mine!)  That went over about as well as to be expected.  When I realized that he was thoroughly pissed at me, I decided this was the time to get away and go to bed.  I stood up, mid conversation and walked upstairs.

He told me to come back.  I did, sitting on the floor at a distance from him.  I knew in my heart that he wanted me to kneel but I just didn’t care at the time.  He gave me “the look” and told me to get on my knees with my face on the floor.  I complied.

Do you think that my being distant gives you the right to act like a bitch?  You should have presented yourself before me without having to be told.  You accuse me, while all the time being disobedient and disrespectful yourself.  You need to examine your own behavior before you dare question mine. 

All I ask of you is your obedience.  Why do you disobey me?”

“I thought I have been obeying you,” I said

“Oh really?” He laughed and told me to go upstairs.

He was sitting on the bed, paddle in hand watching me.

I crawled naked onto the bed, getting into position. My heart began to race, kneeling, head on the bed, waiting.

“So… you think you do everything I tell you to?” He asked

Being exposed and seconds away from a spanking makes a girl a bit more contrite and introspective “Not everything.” I said.

We are going to review what you have failed to do.  I was jumpy, anticipating the first smack.  He put the paddle on my mid back to remind me to stay still.

“How many minutes were you late leaving on Sunday?”

“Five” I felt the paddle smack hard onto my ass.  I squirmed unintentionally as the paddle came down again and again.  I was already emotional and the pain made me cry almost immediately.

“That was Ten.  Two for each minute you were late.”  He put the paddle on my mid back again.  “You will learn to control yourself.  You will learn to control your emotions.  No moving.  How late did you leave last night?”

“I thought I left on time”

“You didn’t.  You were five minutes late again.”

He spanked me another ten times.  “The next time you are late you will receive four per minute.”

“When did I tell you to empty the laundry baskets?”

“Just today, I thought”.

“No, I mentioned it last week”. (I had put away his things but was living out of laundry baskets for myself). “That is seven” The spankings came hard and fast.  “And when did I tell you to take out the waste-basket?”

“Last week…”

“Ten days ago to be exact” And another ten hits rained down on my exposed bottom.

“This morning, when you came home, you saw I left the files open on your computer that you were supposed to sort through. Don’t you think that was a good reminder? Don’t you think that you shouldn’t have ignored it?”


“Yes?” Smack… “Yes?” Smack


“Why do you ignore me?”  “Why do you think you are obeying me when there are so many things you have failed to do?”

“I forget sometimes and I think they are just little things.”











I nodded. I couldn’t speak.  There was no defense, no justification.  Only shame and sorrow.
He put the paddle down and picked up the crop.  “This is for being disrespectful and disobedient.” he said, hitting me repeatedly across my bottom with the crop.   “I will break that will of yours.”

I don’t know how long the spanking continued.  The pain washed over me along with the sadness of my crimes. I cried deeply.  When he finished, he called me to him and put my mouth on his cock.   He pushed himself down my throat.

He grabbed my hair thrusting deep into my mouth causing me to gag.  “It seems you need more practice” he said.  “Would you like me to tie you to the bed and jam a dildo down your throat? I like to put toys in places they wont fit…yet.  Would you like that? Maybe I should save that for a punishment in case these spankings don’t work.”  He held my hair with one hand and began spanking me with the crop with the other.

He put the crop behind my head holding it in place and thrust deep inside me until he came.  I collapsed in a pile between his legs feeling warm and at peace. I am his.