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We were playing before I had to go to work when I smiled and asked him “Hey…Are you going to make me late and use it as an excuse to spank me?”

“I don’t need an excuse to spank you” He said, grinning evilly.

“Because this is your ass and you can do what you want with it?”

“That and because you keep getting into trouble and earning spankings all on your own.  I already owe you eight from yesterday when you were late.”

“But that wasn’t my fault,” I said playfully. “I was ready on time, but I lost my water bottle and I know you wouldn’t want me to get dehydrated so I had to find it.”

“OK that’s 16 for arguing”

“No, not arguing, just being silly.” I said while pouting and giving him puppy eyes.

“Alright 12 then”

“Why oh why do I open my big mouth?” Oh yeah I think as he pushes my head back down on his cock.