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I love to curl up at his feet.  I feel safe, loved, and perfectly subby.  It is my “place”, a reminder, my “home.”  It is the one place in this world I can truly relax.  And it is why I often fall asleep there.

He doesn’t mind my lying near him, but he does not like me sleeping there.  He thinks if I am tired enough to go to sleep, then I should go to bed. I don’t like to go to bed without him.

The other night I had fallen asleep on the floor again.  He was being playful and poked me in the side but I was too sleepy to see the humor and grumbled at him, pushing his hand away.

He woke me and told me to go to bed.  I heard him coming up the stairs as I was getting ready. I knew I was in trouble but was hoping he was too tired to initiate anything.

He had me get in position and spanked me soundly for my attitude.  He told me I was no longer allowed to fall asleep on the floor.  I cried gently.  I told him why it was important to me but he was not swayed. I wanted him to understand and to allow this one desire, but I realized that I must give him what he wants regardless of what I want.  It is the difference between feeling submissive and actually being submissive.

It is difficult when a girl has the desire to feel submissive and yet is told to do things that undermine that feeling.  I had the same thought while reading an old post (and the following comments) entitled The Missionary Position over at Taken in Hand.  Some women stated they would only have sex in what they see as male dominant positions even if their top/owner/HOH type wanted them to be on top.

I struggled with this in the beginning of our relationship.  I can orgasm in any position, but to truly feel sated, I must feel subdued, conquered and ruled by him.  I want to feel his control as strongly as his desire.  I wanted to refuse when he would tell me to get on top.  I believe I complained a bit in the beginning, but he wouldn’t hear it.  If he wanted me on top, then that is where I would be.

My Favorite Position